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Here is an example of a generator made with the Custom Generator Generator.

Let's say you need a character for a fantasy setting you've designed. In this setting, it's illegal for magic users to wield a weapon, so characters have either one or the other. You'll probably want the generator to come up with an appropriate profession and race for the setting, as well as things like height, identifying marks, and maybe other fun information. Note that these won't always make sense together - recognizing that a mage without magic is silly is something more complicated than this code can do.

Profession and race are pretty simple, so those are easy. Because characters can have either magic or a weapon, you'll need a category like 'offense' with 'magic' and 'weapon' as subcategories, so only one of them comes up at a time. A person can have more than one identifying mark, so you'll probably want to set that up to allow multiple results. Since height in any given setting is on a curve, you can curve the results for that so it's more realistic.
Here's what that would look like. Notice that spaces in category names become _underscores_ in the code - this is intentional, because spaces will break the code.

This is the code from the body part of the page, with the data filled in. The header code is the same for all generators.

Here is that code in action. Refresh the page for more results.