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Bazaar Generator

Stalls:         Density:         Setting:    
__ __ __ __ 1 2 __ __
__ __ __ F1 3 F2 __ 4
5 __ 6 __ __ __ 7 __
Traffic: above average
Guards: none
Pickpockets: a small number
Beggars: a large number

Feature 1: well
Feature 2: tree
Stall 1:  enchantments
    Quality: very high         Price: below average         Variety: high
    Haggling: is treated as an insult         Owner: female, smug, lacks a sense of humor
    Stall Type: hand-cart which opens to display wares

Stall 2:  charts and maps
    Quality: low         Price: below average         Variety: above average
    Haggling: is routine         Owner: male, friendly, very flirtatious
    Stall Type: several connected stalls

Stall 3:  maps and thieves' tools
    Quality: below average         Price: very low         Variety: very high
    Haggling: is discouraged         Owner: female, nervous, no sense of personal space
    Stall Type: permanent structure (emptied each night)

Stall 4:  earrings
    Quality: below average         Price: below average         Variety: below average
    Haggling: only for the cheap items         Owner: female, ill, klutsy
    Stall Type: wheelbarrow and some baskets

Stall 5:  riding equipment
    Quality: high         Price: above average         Variety: average
    Haggling: is treated with contempt         Owner: male, bored, very masculine and a female, greedy, unusual hair color
    Stall Type: sacks and baskets

Stall 6:  crossbows
    Quality: very low         Price: very low         Variety: average
    Haggling: is expected         Owner: female, distressed, obnoxiously loud and a female, mournful, too much eye contact
    Stall Type: semi-permanent makeshift structure

Stall 7:  riding equipment
    Quality: below average         Price: average         Variety: average
    Haggling: occasionally involves barter         Owner: female, angry, scatterbrained and a female, happy, sneezes often
    Stall Type: permanent structure (locked at night)