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Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Character Generator (Extended)
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Half-Elf Ranger         Fighting Style: Two-Blade     Level: 1
Str: 17     Con: 12     Dex: 14     Int: 10     Wis: 12     Cha: 13
Fort: 14   Ref: 13     Will: 11     AC: 15     Armor: hide
Hit Points: 24           Surge Value: 6       Surges: 7

At-will exploits:     Twin Strike     Nimble Strike
Dilettante Power: Eyebite [Warlock]
Level 1 Daily: Split the Tree
Level 1 Encounter: Two-Fanged Strike

Skills: Dungeoneering 6, Athletics 8, Acrobatics 7, Stealth 7, Heal 6
Feats: 1 heroic feat

Annoyed by: complete honesty
Sucker For: cute and fuzzy things
Favourite Sin: Lust       Favourite Virtue: Generosity       Trusts in: Life
She has had bad experiences with fire. Her birthday is in the fifth month of the year.