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Civilization Gen
Time Period:
Shaping Force:
Time Period: Modern
Shaping Force: Religion
Population: Entirely one nonhuman race
Political Structure: tribes - often warring
Strong Influence: military
Popular Issue: terrorism
Stability: extremely stable

Personal Freedoms: decent
Scandals: fairly common
Foreign Relations: at war (winning)
Main Resource: mining - precious metals
Main Export: technology-related
Main Import: food-related
Trade: major surplus

Strength: strong and improving
Wealth: spread throughout upper and middle classes
Main Climate: desert
Ocean: none
Mountains: many
Frequent Trouble: hurricanes/tornadoes

Wilderness: 26%
Wild Animals: rare
Natural Resources: very scarce
Highly Values: professional success
Known For: history
Popular Entertainment: art shows / museums
Respected Profession: explorer

Discrimination: sexuality-based
Major Taboo: strong emotions
Major Social Ill: drugs
Strength: average
Focus: land
Main Unit: siege weapons

Soldiers: volunteers
Main Use: conquest
Rank: purchased
Occurrence: widespread
Source: runs in families
Major Use: law enforcement

Viewed: as normal
Enchanted Items: common
Type: polytheism
Focus: converting others
Worship: joyous public sacrifices by all

Associated Artform: sculpture
Prevalence: believed by almost all
Holidays: few
Urban: 49%
Rural: 51%
Literacy Rate: 42%

Gender Ratio: 1.17 male(s)/female
Fertility Rate: 2.5 children/family
Life Expectancy: 80.7 years