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Dungeon Gen

Theme: (one or two or all) Elemental: fire/heat, ice/water, poison/acid, wind/air/aether, shadow/darkness, soul/spirit/ether, chaos, void, earth, light Racial: dragons, wolves/canines (lyanthropes?), undead, felines, reptiles, halfbreeds/mutants, insects, birds (griffens, etc), demons weapons: blades, spiked, ranged, whips/flexible, chains (mace&chain etc), blunt stat? int/wis, str, agi/dex, end/con, cha Terrain: inside [wild] (underground, caves, etc), inside [civilized] (building, etc), outside [civilized] (rooftops etc), outside [wild] (ruins, forests, etc) Obstacles: rivers (including lava), pools (acid, lava, water), pits, ravines, trees, pillars, rubble (branches, stones, ruins, etc) frequency of traps avg. complexity of traps frequency of mobs avg. size/distribution (power-wise) of mobs intelligence/favourite tactics? amount (if any) and type of non-combatants % of resemblance to a labyrinth if inside: entrances/exits goal: treasure, rescue hostages, escape, etc special: flooding? earthquake? cursed? randomly changes layout? Element: fire/heat ice water earth wind/air light soul/spirit shadow/darkness poison/acid metal chaos/nonspecific based on element: terrain - obstacles - complexity/maze-ness - entrances/exits - special enemies - race(s) - frequency, stats, etc traps - weapon theme - frequency, stats, etc (mostly in: door, wall, floor, ceiling) treasure NPCs? ambiance (skellies, noises, etc)